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[Download] Dream High OST


--- Part 1 ---
01. Dream High - Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Soohyun, Suzy & Joo
02. Someday - IU 

 Download Part 1  ♦ 

--- Part 2 ---
01. Maybe - Wonder Girls' Sunye

 Download Part 2  ♦ 

--- Part 3 ---
01. A Part of This Dream - San E ft. POS

 Download Part 3  ♦ 

--- Part 4 ---
01. Winter Child - Miss A's Suzy

 Download Part 4  ♦ 

--- Part 5 ---
01. If - JYP

 Download Part 5  ♦ 

--- Part 6 ---
01. Can't I Love You? - 2AM's ChangMin and Jinwoon
02. Don't Go - 2PM's Junsu & Lim Jung Hee

 Download Part 6  

--- Part 7 ---
01. Dreaming - Kim Soo Hyun (YAY!)
02. My Valentine - 2PM's Taecyeon & Nickhun

 Download Part 7  

***Extra! Extra! Songs! *Updated 1.28.11

--- Ripped Version of the Songs (By the Cast) *Ripped by me unless stated otherwise. Credit properly if taken out.
 A Goose's Dream   - Suzy & EunJung's Audition Song
 Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)  - Suzy, IU, Kim Soo Hyun, Taecyeon 
 Maybe  - SD & HM's duet (Ep. 6) 
 Maybe  - SG & HM's Showcase Version (Ep.7)
 Dream High  (Jap. Ver) (Ep.10)  
 Can't Let You Go Even If I Die  - Wooyoung Ver. *Credit to Maghfirah 'Interfold'
 Can't Let You Go Even If I Die  - Milky Couple Ver. *Credit to Maghfirah 'Interfold'
 Last Concert  - SD Vs Jason's Sing Off *Credit to Maghfirah 'Interfold'
 Waiting  - SD & HM's Wedding Song (Ep.10) 
 Sunset Glow  - SD & HM's street song (Ep.10)
 Don't Go  - HM & Jason (Ep.13)
 Can't I Love You  - SD & PS (Ep.13)
 Only Hope (Longer Ver.)  - Suzy (Ep.16) 
 Video Killed the Radio Star  - PS during her diet (Ep.8)
 Winter Child  - Suzy & EunJung during Special 
 A Goose's Dream  - The Cast during Special (Very Inspirational)
 Dreaming  - IU (PS sings this song during the Interview - Ep.15)
 Loving You  - PS audition song for EMG (39 seconds only - Ep. 14) 
 Lullaby  - PS (Ep.16)
♦ I'll Give You Electricity - Jang Wooyoung (JS's audition song & bg music for JG's airport scene) This song hasn't been released yet. I'll add it once the full song is available.

--- Original Version of the Songs ---
 Only Hope - Mandy Moore  *Suzy's Bathroom Song 
 Last Concert  - Lee Seung Chul 
 Can't Let You Go Even If I Die  - 2AM
 Waiting - Panic's Lee Juck
 Sunset Glow  - Lee Moon Sae
 One Sided Crush  - Gigs (PS's Note confession to JS - Ep.8) 
 Super Star (Ending Theme) 
 Good Day  - IU (plays @ the end of PSxJS Confession - Ep.13) (Thanks daidouji19for the link!)
 Marshmallow  - IU (plays @ the beginning of PSxJS Confession - Ep.13) 
 Loving You  - Minnie Riperton 

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Lomba edit foto Dream High

Lomba edit foto Dream High
-Karya Sendiri
-TIDAK mengandung unsur sara
-Belum pernah di posting/di lombakan

Foto Dream High (harus menampilkan LOGO Dream High Indonesia di foto editan mu)
kamu bisa ambil/download LOGO nya di blog,
ini link nya : http://dreamhigh-indonesia​​-dream-high-indonesia.html

kamu buka e-mail kamu, terus klik 'mail', terus klik 'tulis pesan', terus masukin foto kamu(klik lampiran file),

jangan lupa ketik NAMA, NAMAA FB, TWITTER, kirim ke

menjadi admin di page JiYeon IU Indonesia (J-I-U) dan 2 page lainnya(1 page 1 orang)


Di kirim MULAI : 04-08-2011 (10:00)
SAMPAI : 13-08-2011 (24:00)

kalau mau tanya-tanya bisa nge wall di fb kami Dream High Indonesia
di forum diskusi kami, ini link nya :
(sebaik nya bertanya di forum diskusi, karena agar kami lebih mudah melihat comment kalian)


LOGO Dream High Indonesia